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About Children's Oasis India

The Foundation

After a long legal procedure, including an examination by the German authorities, the foundation „Children’s Oasis India - an Educational Foundation“  was finally established on the 14th of august 2023.

The foundation „Children’s Oasis India - an Educational Foundation“ is a legal association (by German law), that only does charity work. This qualifies the foundation, and therefore anyone donating, for certain tax reliefs according to German tax law (In German: Abgabenordnung).

The foundation’s associates don’t receive any financial gains from the foundations funds. The entirety of the donations is used for charitable work. The foundation’s purpose is supporting education, international cooperation, humanitarian assistance and healthcare. The foundation is a nonprofit organization.

The foundations funds may only be used for the purposes outlined in the foundation’s statute. Profits may not be allocated to the foundation’s associates. Wages for the foundations employees must not be unreasonably high.

The association’s board includes the following people:

Honorary, president

Dharmendra Kumar



Dr. Xiaolan Ross


Deputy Chairman

Christian König Physician



Judith Koenig



Secretary of the board

Mr.Jan Alexander Ross Law Student



Mr. Shuanglai Fu

Doctor for Chinese medicine)


Educational supervisor

Mr. Jianbo Lu

Founder of the german Quantian Academy


The Project 

Our statute codifies, that every donation will support the education and wellbeing of children in the village of Koraiya, in the state of Bihar, India. Koraiya is located 90 kilometres from Bodhgaya. It’s the hometown of reverent Dharmendra Kumar of the Maha Bodhi temple in Bhodgaya. With his initiation and blessings, we have created the foundation „Children’s Oasis India - an Educational Foundation“ e. V..

Bihar is the poorest and socioeconomically the most underdeveloped state of India. Bihar is also an important place for Buddhism, as the historical Buddha (Gautama) lived and taught there. Bodhgaya is the place where Buddha was enlightened, while meditating under a fig tree (bodhi tree). Among the eight most holy places of Buddhism, Bodhgaya is the most important place.

In all of Koraiya and the neighboring 15 villages, where about 500 children live, there is not a single school. Many families have a very difficult life in the area, without sufficient food and without a minimum of clothing. Many children are homeless.

Through this foundation, boys and girls from the poorest backgrounds will get an opportunity to complete their education in the first school „Happy Lotus Primary School“. This will grant them the chance to escape poverty. They will have the opportunity to work at better paid jobs and will be able to send their children to school as well. That’s how the cycle of poverty is broken.

The children, between the age of 6 to 12, will be educated on the 25 000 square meter school premises. In addition to the education, the children will receive free meals and a place to sleep.

We would like to thank Reverent Dharmendra Kumar. He generously donated the 25 000 square metre property and $12 000.

In total we need about 250 000€ for the school building, dormitory and school equipment. We will need 20€ a month to educate and feed one child. The monthly wage of one teacher will be about 200€.

The foundation’s goals, as stated in the foundation’s statute are:

1. The founding of the first primary school in the village of Koraiya, in the state of Bihar, India.

2. The acquisition of supporters and donations for building the school and running it.

3. The support and education of the children of Koraiya.

4. Coorparation with Reverent Dharmendra Kumar of the Maha Bodhi Temple in Bodhgaya, India and the teaching of Buddhist values in our school and other schools in the vicinity. 

5. The improvement of sanitary and medical facilities in Koraiya.

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