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I want to hereby happily declare, that our charitable association “Children’s oasis India - an educational foundation” will be officially launched in the year of the dragon 2024.

The foundations main project is the accumulation of funds, through donations, which are used to build and run the „Happy Lotus Primary School“in the village of Koraiya, in the state of Bihar India.


In addition to our usual donation plans, outlined on our flyers and our website, we started a new camping:

With a daily donation of one dollar everyone can help a charitable cause.

We would like to turn this campaign into a global charity project. With only a dollar a day you can show compassion and generosity. Please share this massage with family and friends and encourage others to join. Compassionate people from all around the world are welcomed to join our cause.

We recommend you note the phrase “one dollar a day” when transferring the money for the donation. For everyone without a German bank account we would recommend to pay the 365 dollars/euros with a single payment as there is a transaction fee. You can also donate with other donators in a single payment. We will regularly post the progress about the donations of our project on our website. 


Thank you for your great support! Your merits are immeasurable! I hope that the „Happy Lotus Primary School“will be completed soon,so that more children can receive an education that they can benefit from this in the future!

Thanks for the support! Thank you all!

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